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Website Boasts Of Reselling Over 100,000 PS5 Consoles

A website has boasted of selling more than 100,000 PS5 consoles at increased prices since the next-gen console launched in November 2020.

The website in question is the online marketplace StockX, which has more capitalised on the consumer’s desperation to get Sony’s newest gaming machine.

A close up of the PlayStation logo on the PS5
Credit: GameByte

We all know about the continued stock shortages of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which is an issue unlikely to improve anytime soon. Although, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan hopes the situation will get better by the end of the year.


Before the PS5 and Xbox Series X arrived at retail, consumers had even struggled to get their pre-orders in.  As a result, acquiring next-gen consoles from launch at the RRP to sell on at huge profits has been a lucrative business for those involved.

In the UK, the government is considering putting a ban on sellers that indulge in the profiteering practice, especially those that use bots to jump online queues, and fill up their baskets with consoles.

While in the US companies such as StockX continue to take advantage of those who will pay extra to get their hands on a next-gen console.

An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: Sony

In a story picked up by Game Rant, StockX has claimed to have sold around 83,000 PS5 disc versions, and around 55,000 for the digital-only version. StockX also claimed that around 60,000 of its PS5 consoles were sold during its launch.

On the StockX website, the PS5 disc version averages a sale at around $800, while the digital-only PS5 sells at around $740. Now that’s a lot of easy profit being made.

ebay listing of ps5 next to image of ps5
Credit: eBay/Sony

Unfortunately the next-gen stock issues are unlikely to improve in the coming weeks, but my advice would be to hold out as long as you can.  At least that way, resellers making huge profits at our expense might lose a lot of incentive to capitalise on our love for gaming.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony/GameByte