Mass Effect Legendary Edition Smashes Steam Player Records

Mass Effect Legendary Edition has smashed BioWare’s previous Steam player record since the game launched on May 14th [via VGC].

At the time of writing, Mass Effect Legendary Edition had peaked at 59,817 players, just two days after it released.  As of right now, there are also just under 20,000 players enjoying the remasters on the Steam platform.

This means that Mass Effect Legendary Edition has reached a higher total of PC concurrent players on Steam than any other game in BioWare’s history. Not bad for single player games, aye EA?

Looking back at the history of the series on Steam, according to the Steam charts, the original Mass Effect achieved 2,792 concurrent players, Mass Effect 2 with 2,275, Mass Effect 3 just 659, and finally Andromeda with 3,590.

In terms of what these numbers mean for the Mass Effect series when compared to Electronic Arts as a publisher, only Apex Legends has achieved higher numbers than the Legendary Edition with 330,879 concurrent players.

The impressive numbers for this remastered collection don’t stop there, because this remastered trilogy even managed to knock Resident Evil Village from the top of the Steam charts.

YouTube video

Across the board, the Legendary Edition has also sold impressively not only on PC but also on PlayStation and Xbox.

As reported by, as of the week ending May 15th, Mass Effect Legendary Edition swooped in at number one in the UK video games sales charts, again knocking Resident Evil Village from its perch.

mass effect remaster
Credit: EA

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Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts/BioWare