MediEvil 2019’s Release Date Has Been Leaked On Reddit

2019 is set to deliver us a lot of amazing games including a tonne of remakes and remasters, and MediEvil is just one of the titles we’ve been waiting for.

Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

The remake of the classic 1998 hack-‘n-slash title has been expected for a while now, and Sony has confirmed it’ll be the focus of its State of Play conference, which takes place later this week.

It’s expected that the State of Play event will be when MediEvil gets a release date, but it looks like Reddit‘s already found it out.

Sharing the discovery on Twitter, a user by the name of @SaveMediEvil tweeted the following, along with an image supposedly from GameStop: “RUMOR: A Reddit user has shared this image from GameStop, which denotes an ‘Available SKU’ for PS4 which is believed to actually be MediEvil. If this is true, it would mean the game is slated to be released on October 18th, with an MSRP of $39.99.”

The Reddit post in question states: “Just paid a visit to my local Gamestop. I asked them to show me a list of upcoming games. Now, for those of you unaware, when there is a game coming that has not been officially announced for a release date or what have you, they use the moniker ‘Available Skew’ in their system.

“If the idea of Sony releasing Medievil PS4 near Halloween holds true, this could be very promising. They had an Available skew for 10/18/19 priced at $40.

Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

“Going by the history of other remasters (Crash, Spyro, Shadow of the colossus, & CTR Nitro fueled) They are all priced at $40. And if that’s not enough, October 18th is a Friday. Every one of those previous remasters Was released (or in the case of Spyro originally scheduled to be released) on a Friday.

“Guys, the evidence is clear – Medievil is coming on Oct 18. Lastly, for you you Debby doubters out there, Sony typically announces their games 4 – 6 months before release. The next State of play is coming either this month (Not likely) or next month in June to line up with e3. That’s 4-5 months before release.”

This definitely looks like it’s got some meat on its bones…

Credit: Other Ocean Interactive

Hopefully Sony will confirm the rumour during its next State of Play, which takes place on Thursday, May 9, at 3 p.m. PT.

Featured Image Credit: Other Ocean Interactive