Metroid Dread Is A Masterclass in Tension and Atmosphere – Here Are Our Thoughts!

After almost two decades of fading in and out of reality, Metroid Dread has finally dropped onto Nintendo Switch, and we think it’s pretty darn great.

The original Metroid game was so influential that it spawned a whole sub-genre that we now know as ‘Metroidvania’ titles. With such a great legacy to live up to, Metroid Dead certainly had a job on its hands to please fans.

Thankfully, we think that Nintendo has managed to work its magic once again. Just like Breath of the Wild completely revitalised the Legend of Zelda formula, Dread has done the same for Metroid. Especially when paired with one of the new Nintendo Switch OLED models, Metroid Dread might just be one of the best games of 2021.

Our reviewer Sara says: ‘Simply put, Metroid Dread is a masterclass in atmosphere and tension. The 2.5D art style makes it one of the prettiest games we’ve ever seen, and the music is perfect for the fear-based gameplay.’

You can watch our full impressions and some gameplay of the first incredible boss here!

YouTube video

Metroid Fever Is Here

Metroid Dread is quickly becoming one of the most successful Metroid games in the series. It’s already on track to become one of the best-selling games in the series. In addition, Metroid fever has resulted in legacy games on the Wii U and 3DS reaching record sales on their respective stores. What great news!

It all certainly bodes well for when Metroid Prime 4 releases, though we’re still holding our breath on that one. It hasn’t been seen for a number of years now, and the development team even started from scratch at one point.

Will you be jumping into the game anytime soon? It’s available now for Nintendo Switch. Let us know across our social channels.

[Featured Image Credit: Nintendo]