New World Players May Be Banned For Using This Glitch

Colonial adventure game, New World, has a problem with players rushing to hoard gold unfairly. The irony.

New World players discovered a glitch to duplicate gold in huge amounts. The glitch came in after the latest update , 1.0.3, brought in server transfers to try and fix the long queues to join servers on New World. 

Credit: Amazon Games

Players were trading gold, logging out and back in again and the game restored their traded gold to them. PC Gamer reported that Amazon Games quickly noticed players exploiting the gold dupe exploit.

“The lust of gold succeeds the rage of conquest; The lust of gold, unfeeling and remorseless! The last corruption of degenerate man.”

Samuel Johnson

New World Clamps Down On The Gold Glitch

Amazon put a statement up on the New World website addressing the issue. New World have threatened players exploiting the glitch to increase their gold with a permanent ban.

“Some players among this small set transferred gold or items while their character was affected. All of these transactions are logged in our database. We are reviewing them now and any players found deliberately using this condition to gain advantage will be banned for exploiting. We will also remove items or gold received where appropriate.”

Totally innocent New World players are having transfer issues. Amazon is attempting to address the glitch. One solution they’ve proposed is to shut down logins for any players experiencing transfer issues. New World seems to be going from one transfer issue to another.

It’s not the first loophole that New World players have exploited in the game – from killing their characters to fast travel to using server bans to get ahead. The MMO has built a dedicated fan base despite its problems.

What do you think about this gold glitch in New World? Are you enjoying playing the game? Have you had issues with long server queues? Let us know via our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Amazon Games