Metroid Dread Is Alien Isolation Meets Metroid And It Is Out This Year

We are getting a new Metroid game this year called Metroid Dread. We won’t have to wait long to play it either!

Out on August 10 2021 it means that the game will be out on Nintendo Switch before the Summer has ended, which is pretty awesome. Plus with its horror aesthetic it comes out at the perfect time for those that want to play in daylight so not so not to get too scared! The game has been rumoured for a long time, being talked about as far back as 2005.

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Metroid Dread is a brand new 2D Metroid game that has a stalking robot enemy that is constantly a threat to Samus. It’s even more intense than what we’re used to from Metroid games and it’s great to see a game that has been rumoured since 2005 finally released!

Metroid Dread enemy
Credit: Nintendo

According to the official Nintendo site, the story of the game continues after the events of Metroid Fusion and sees her descend upon planet ZDR whilst investigation a transmission that has been sent to the Galactic Federation. The planet is overrun with not only hostile alien lifeforms but robots too. Samus is more agile than ever before which is good because there are threats on planet ZDR that will stalk her relentlessly! Think Alien Isolation meets Metroid.

We will have more information for you as soon as we know it so stay tuned. Are you excited for Metroid Dread? Let us know over on our socials.

Metroid Prime Gameplay
Credit: Nintendo


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Featured image credit: Nintendo