Dexter Is Officially Returning In New Limited Series

To the surprise of the entire planet (and then some!) Showtime has revealed that serial killer show Dexter will be making a comeback with a new limited series.

The shocking news comes via Deadline, where it’s noted that Dexter himself, Michael C. Hall, will be reprising the eponymous role. Meanwhile, writer Clyde Phillips will also be returning.

Credit: Showtime

The drama series, which ran from 2006 to 2013, follows the high-functioning serial killer Dexter, who manages to keep his killing habit under control thanks to meticulous planning and a strict code of conduct.

The show’s final season is widely considered to be one of the worst out there, leaving millions of fans with a bitter taste in their mouths thanks to its – quite frankly – nonsensical conclusion.

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Fans (myself included) are tentatively hopeful that the newly-announced limited series will rectify some of the issues raised in the show’s finale.

According to the publication, the new series will consist of 10 episodes due to go into production in early 2021. It’s hoped that the show could be back on our screens as early as fall 2021 (global pandemic permitting, of course).

The official Twitter account for Dexter took to the platform shortly after Deadline’s reveal, writing simply “Surprise Motherf*cker,” and sharing a teaser clip showing off a heck load of blood spatter. (You can find it here, but thanks to the gosh darn swearing, we can’t include it in the article).

Though some people aren’t thrilled with the idea of another revisit to a done-and-dusted show, others are thrilled at the prospect of having Dexter’s ending “fixed.”

One user tweeted: “i usually agree with leaving shows/movies alone [esp if they’re not that old], but the ending was mega trash. honestly wouldn’t be surprised if the OG showrunner here saw how it concluded & was like ‘nope, let’s fix that’ lmao.”

Let’s hope the new limited series is as good as the original few series of Dexter!

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Featured Image Credit: Showtime