Microsoft and Nintendo Team Up to Mess with Sony

We usually see each of these companies as rivals to each other. The war of PS4 vs Xbox has waged for many years now and no matter which side you are on you know either side is ever going to win. However Nintendo has teamed up with Microsoft to poke fun at Sony.

This is because Sony doesn’t seem to like crossplay. Crossplay is when you play the same game with a friend who is on a different system. You can do that easily on Fortnite from PS4 to PC and Xbox to PC and Switch. However you can’t do this from PS4 to Xbox as they do not want to play with each other.

Fortnite isn’t the only game you can’t do this with. Minecraft and Rocket League are also big players in the crossplay world and you can now play on Switch and Xbox with your friends.

Xbox put out tweets which are literally rubbing Sony and PS4 players in it:

Minecraft also joined in the fun with this tweet:

This interaction also ended with this:

Wholesome to say the least.

May people have said that this is just Xbox trying to entice more people across to it’s console away from PS4. To which I say that it might be working. With games like Rocket League, Minecraft and Fortnite all dominating the top played charts being able to play with friends is key. Many gamers only play online games as they enjoy the social aspect of it (and is also why Fortnite is doing so well but that is for another article).

I expect Sony/Playstation accounts to reply something along the lines of ‘Sorry I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my exclusives’ – Watch this space.

Would crossplay be enough for you to make the switch from PS4 to Xbox? Let us know