Microsoft Dismisses Xbox VR Headset Rumours

Microsoft has dismissed rumours that an Xbox Series X VR headset is on the way, according to IGN.

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Rumours began to circulate about the headset’s existence after IGN Italy discovered a VR reference when using the Xbox wireless headset. Since then, a Microsoft spokesperson has reached out to the publication with a statement, which quashes the rumours.

The copy in this error message is inaccurate due to a localization bug. VR for console is not a focus for us at this time,” said Microsoft.

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Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has yet to venture into virtual reality tech, despite the format’s popularity on the PS4 and PC. Phil Spencer previously stated that VR wasn’t part of the Xbox’s next-gen plans, saying that “nobody asked for it”.

Sony has already announced its plans for next-generation VR, with a new headset coming to PS5. Whether or not Microsoft will change its mind in the future remains to be seen.

However, it’s worth noting that Microsoft is tapping into the VR market, albeit outside of the Xbox platform. The PC edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator is compatible with VR headsets, thanks to an update last year. 

There are also a few VR compatible games on Game Pass, optimised for use with Steam and Oculus headsets.

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No Man’s Sky, Subnautica, Tetris Effect: Connected, and Ark: Survival Evolved all have native VR support. In the future, we could see more games arriving on Game Pass with VR compatibility, which could set the foundations for virtual reality on the Xbox as a whole.

Who knows, perhaps the statement is a double bluff from Microsoft. The company has likely dabbled with VR concepts, even if it’s not part of its immediate plans. Microsoft isn’t entirely sold on VR just yet, so it could be waiting to see how Sony’s new VR headset fairs. 

Anyway, if Microsoft’s venture into VR doesn’t include a wearable Spartan helmet, then they might as well not bother.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft