Microsoft Reveals First Limited Edition Halo Themed Xbox Series X

Are you on the fence about buying an Xbox Series X? This limited edition Halo design might finally convince you.

Microsoft has announced the very first limited edition Xbox Series X console, and it’s an absolute stunner. Tying into the release of Halo Infinite (which is now slated for December 8th), this Series X has received a substantial paint job to celebrate 20 years of the series.

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It swaps the matte black finish for a mixture of deep and light greys which form panels across the console’s four sides. Those are accented with some tasteful golden lines, bringing an expensive feel to the unit. The real showstopper arrives when you get to the top of the console. The black surface is speckled with dense white and blue flecks that imitate a night sky. These flecks seem to catch and reflect light, too. You certainly won’t want to keep this one hidden behind your TV.

Accompanying the console itself is a controller with a similar theme. It borrows the grey colour scheme and adds some of the gold accents found on the console unit. Paired together, they’ll make a stunning centrepiece for any entertainment setup.

Someone stop me from buying them all!

If you want to step up your controller game even further, you could opt for the Master Chief themed Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller. Also announced at Gamescom last night, this is a professional controller that’s been designed to resemble the armour of Master Chief. Complete with the yellow-gold decorations on a military green body, it might end up distracting you from your screen while playing Halo.

YouTube video

It’s fantastic to see Microsoft start to branch out with the design of its consoles and controllers. Sure, solid colours are functional, but it’s always great to be able to express yourself and show some love to your favourite game series. Earlier this week, the company also announced a Forza Horizon 5 Xbox controller. With a translucent design, it’s another excellent offering that’ll look just as good on your shelf as it will in your hands.

Let’s just hope that players are able to actually get their hands on some of this hardware. The Halo Anniversary Xbox Series X is available to pre-order now and is retailing for $549.99. That’s a $50 price premium over the standard version of the console, however, a copy of Halo Infinite is included.

Act fast – the bundle is already out of stock on the Microsoft website, but more stock should be available again at some point.

Will you be springing for any of these limited edition console items? Let us know across our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft