Minecraft: Hunger Games is the Best Battle Royale Game – Easily Better than Fortnite and PUBG

There’s an all out war between Fortnite fans and PUBG fans right now, but the real Battle Royale winner is slowly sitting in the background, laughing, mocking the newcomers to the genre.

We’re of course talking about Minecraft Hunger Games. The OG Battle Royale game that’s still getting played by thousands of people after all this time. Whether you’re a fan of Battle Royale genres or not, we just can’t accept that you’d think either Fortnite or PUBG is better than Minecraft Hunger Games.

If you really don’t believe us, we’ve created this blog to share all of the reasons why Minecraft Hunger Games is better than both Fortnite and PUBG.

Minecraft Hunger Games Runs On A Potato

Can we just point out how optimized Minecraft is? Minecraft nailed the multi-platform experience years before Fortnite did and its performance across all platforms is better than both Fortnite and PUBG.

I should also mention that Minecraft is fully certified to run on potatoes. I’ve seen it myself. Of course, if you are thinking of playing Minecraft Hunger games to its full potential, you may want to pick up a GTX 1080 Ti or two.

Extra texture packs available from the Minecraft community allow you to turn up the graphics settings to a new level of realism never seen before in a video game, and you’ll need extra GPU power to get a decent frame rate.

The Game Is Run By The Community

Minecraft Hunger Games is run by the community, which means new maps and new modes are all in the hands of the players. If there’s ever an issue with gameplay balancing, the community will fix it right away. If we look at Minecraft Hunger Games’ competitors, it’s a different story.

In PUBG, players must shout their demands across official Steam posts from PUBG Corp. before their voices are even heard. Rumor has it that if 1,000,000 players shout out their demands, PUBG Corp. will be forced to make the changes the community has asked for. That’s just a little too much effort as far as I’m concerned.

(Pictured above: Dozens of PUBG citizens band together to fight against the oppressive regime ran by Supreme Leader Brendan Greene.)

As for Fortnite, well, all Epic Games cares about is adding new cosmetic skins and ‘Epic’ dab emotes. With Minecraft Hunger Games, you can go and download skins for free from the internet. Good guy Minecraft wins again.

Minecraft Hunger Games Has The Best YouTubers

When you want to see sick gameplay of Fortnite, you’re stuck with Ninja – he’s unskilled, doesn’t know how to play the game, and people only really tune in to see his PonPon dance skills.

The closest thing you’ll get to real skill in the Fortnite community is Ali-A, but even then, it doesn’t quite compare with what the Minecraft Youtuber community comprises of.

If we aren’t getting a 2 minute dubstep intro followed by a heartwarming “WHAT’S UP GUYS” from your favorite internet personality, which then leads into sick Hunger Games montage footage, we’re not interested.

But what about PUBG, do you ask? Well, everybody in that’s even considerably good at the game clearly cheats, and that’s not fun at all. The Chinese, DrDisRespect, Shroud, DrDisRespect.. They’re all cheaters.

The Gameplay Mechanics Require A High Level Of Skill

A lot of people seem to get frustrated when somebody says their favorite Battle Royale game doesn’t require skill. Well, I’m here to tell you that both Fortnite and PUBG are for unskilled Battle Royale noobs.

In Fortnite, all you have to do is collect resources and then build whenever somebody shoots at you. You can just run around and jump out in the open and you’ll never have anything to worry about. If you can tell me how that requires any skill, please let me know because I just can’t understand how that’s possible.

PUBG is a different story. PUBG is just about luck – the world is so big that the chances you’ll actually come across anybody is ridiculous. And you better make sure you check each and every room in every building thoroughly, because the moment you let your guard down you’ll be shot and killed out of the blue.

There’s a lot that makes playing PUBG all about luck. Take the red zone, for example. When the red zone appears on the map, bombs will land in the area, potentially killing people.

How is it fair that a red zone can appear over your head whilst you’re moving through an empty field with no buildings in sight. According to the PUBG creator, anybody that dies to a red zone is just unskilled and needs to git gud.

Now that we’ve explained why both Fortnite and PUBG are for unskilled players, let’s talk about why Minecraft Hunger Games is one of the most competitive Battle Royale games on the planet.

I’ve been playing Minecraft Hunger Games professionally for eight years now, so it can be hard to explain everything in detail to a newcomer, but I shall try my best.

Incredible Weapon Mechanics

The weapon mechanics in Minecraft are just incredible, and other game developers should take note. If esports are ever to be treated like real sports, they need to have physically demanding elements, and this is where Minecraft Hunger Games shines.

In Minecraft Hunger Games, the player that spams the mouse button and spacebar the fastest usually comes out on top. It takes skill and years of training to button mash fast enough to compete against the pros.

Minecraft also has audiophile quality audio mastering for damage sounds. When a player takes damage from your weapons, you really feel it as he or she lets out a distinct OOF.

Looting Is Dangerous

Looting in Fortnite and PUBG is just too casual. In Battle Royale games, there should be risk associated with looting.

All loot in Minecraft Hunger Games is hidden within chests. If you open that chest, a squeaky chest opening noise will blast out at 120 decibels to let everyone in the area know you’ve been there. You also cannot see what’s happening around you as you rummage through a chest.

AI Enemies Are Always A Threat

Many Minecraft Hunger Games maps also have AI enemies that present an additional threat to players. Neither Fortnite or PUBG do this, and it’s a shame.


Ultimately, I could go on for hours about why Minecraft Hunger Games is better than PUBG and Fortnite, but I’ll leave it down to the jury. What are your thoughts?

This article may contain satire