Steam Summer Sale Date Leaked – Prepare Your Wallets

Steam often have seasonal sales and its Summer sale is usually its second biggest sale of the year (just behind the winter sale). Valve never officially the dates for the start of sales but someone always manages to find out the dates and leak them online.

When is the Steam summer sale?

This year is no different. The Steam Database Twitter account which is an account that tracks the changes on the platform states that the official start of the Steam Summer sale will be June 21st.

The end date of the sale is not yet known however if we go off last years dates – June 22nd to July 5th. This means it will be on for 13 days and will end on July 4th this year.

The way that this is believed to have been leaked is by Valve regularly emailing developers about sales that they have planned to ensure that the Summer/Winter or any other sales do not overlap.

The discounts will of course be store wide so get your wallets ready to pick up that game that you have had your eye on for a while now.

We expect to see the usual suspects that pop up in all of the sales such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and of course the ever present Gary’s Mod. If you don’t own either of these games they are both great fun and often very cheap in these sales. I am personally hoping to see Borderlands 2 pop up in the sales this time around. I loved the first game and have yet to experience the wonder that is Borderlands 2.

What games are you hoping will be included in the Steam Summer Sale this year?