Mod Adds CJ and Big Smoke into Resident Evil 2

Ahh sh*t… here we go again…

Everyone favourite Grand Theft Auto duo have been busy lately and found their way to Raccoon city. BestGamingHD has made it possible to play as CJ in the latest Resident Evil release. Although this time Big Smoke is even more threatening than he was in GTA San Andreas.

Check out this YouTube video to see the San Andreas residents in action.

YouTube video

Big Smoke has replaced the ever present and ever terrifying Mr. X. To add to the scary aura this extra large model of Big Smoke is the fact that audio from San Andreas has also been added into the mod and it is actually creeping me out.

When Mr. X/Big Smoke manages to grab CJ the classic line ‘Big Smoke, it’s me, Carl… Chill! Chill!’ can be heard. Anyone familiar with GTA San Andreas will know this line off by heart as it has become a bit of a meme as of late. This comes along with the popular ‘Ahh Sh*t… here we go again’ which is all over the place at the minute.

This mod isn’t the best one I have seen though. The “Tofu Zombie Mod,” which transforms every single zombie in the game into tofu. Because why not?

Creator Snipz, who you can also scope out on YouTube right here, says: “Presenting the Tofu Zombies mod! With help from Natsu × Ken I was able to finish one I was working on by getting the correct files to replace!

“Mod is based on Darkside Chronicles Tofu Mode which made all Zombies Tofu.”

Speaking of weird Resident Evil 2 remake mods, if you’ve yet to mod beloved children’s character Thomas the Tank Engine into any of your games then you’re truly not living. Although seeing Thomas’ iconic round face turn up in the likes of Skyrim is pretty weird, it’s also very hilarious, and now it’s downright terrifying thanks to a new Resident Evil 2 mod.

YouTube video