Streamer Gets Arrested After Climbing The Lincoln Memorial While Live

Twitch has been home to many a strange occurrence throughout its relatively short life span and this time is no different.

A man was caught climbing onto the Lincoln Memorial by two officers while people on the stream encouraged him to throw a bottle in the air. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask? I have no idea. It was probably for a joke or for ‘content’ as one member of the stream keeps repeating. Either way, take a look for yourself.

In this first clip you can see him stood on the base of the memorial to the president throwing a water bottle up and trying to make it go higher than Lincolns ‘head’. Interestingly, if you avert your eyes to the top right of this clip you can see one member of the streamers entourage unwavering dedication to the floss dance.

We can also hear fairly faintly that he is pleading with the officers or security to not arrest him and that he is so sorry.

He also flexes that he has airpods in his ears in the second clip – classic airpods user.

You may be wondering why he got arrested for this relatively harmless act on standing on the base of a memorial. While it is incredibly disrespectful to a man who is seen as one of the greatest presidents ever by many it is also illegal to do this. This is because many people have done this in the past, usually to promote a political message or to make a statement and hope to gain press around their chosen issue.

Here are the clips if you are having trouble viewing them on our website.
Clip 1
Clip 2

Whether charges against the wannabe climber have been pursed or dropped is unknown at this time but we will update you when we know more.