Mario Kart Flight Simulator?

Modder Adds Mario Kart 8 Tracks To Microsoft Flight Simulator

A talented modder has taken tracks from Mario Kart 8 and implemented them into Microsoft Flight Simulator. YAHOO!

Twitch streamer and modder Illogicoma took the tracks from Mario Kart and added them into the realistic flight sim game. Talk about a crossover of two worlds!

As reported by VGC, the Flight Sim mod takes players on a tour through iconic Mario Kart tracks such as Mount Wario, Mute City, Cloudtop, Cruise, Moo Moo Meadows, Rainbow Road, Bowser’s Castle, and Shy Guy Falls.

YouTube video

This mod looks so much fun!

So anyway I thought Mario Kart 8 tracks would also be fun when you play them in flight simulator so I put Mario Kart 8 tracks in flight simulator and played them and it was true.

At this time, the Mario Kart mod isn’t available for public download as it seems that this was something that Illogicoma had put together quite quickly. However, Illogicoma has teased that the mod may be available one day.

Hopefully, the mod will be available one day

mario kart mod flight sim
Credit: Illogicoma/Asobo Studio/Nintendo

As a proof of concept, it’s not available right now! Sorry! I had to throw this together with no time for validation so deployment was from source and I never intended a release at all. However, never say never. Watch this space.


Illogicoma also thanked his community for raising money for the Extra Life charity livestream, to which the streamer plugged an upcoming event.

Hopefully, the Mario Kart mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available to everyone someday, because it looks like a lot of fun.

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Featured Image Credit: Illogicoma/Asobo Studio/Nintendo