Modders Have Finally Cracked Custom Maps In Dark Souls

Mods seem to make anything possible, but there’s been one uphill battle for Dark Souls modders since…well, since forever, and that’s the ability to add custom maps into the game.

Until now, it was thought that the classic game was just never going to be able to hack it, but after years of hard graft, modders have finally found a way to add their own maps into the game.

Credit: FromSoftware

As reported by Eurogamer, Dark Souls was built with the help of a program called Havok, which was pretty tough for modders to work around. Havoc was used to create the in-game physics of the world, and its functions in the game meant that custom maps wouldn’t work with it. The result was people falling out of custom maps because Havoc just didn’t know what to do with the new info.

Recently, Havok released an old version of its tools, giving modders all the info they needed to reverse-engineer the software and create the necessary data needed for their own maps.

Credit: FromSoftware

The result means that custom maps can now be used in Dark Souls, with one group of modders importing the Half-Life map, Crossfire, into the game for testing.

Credit: FromSoftware

YouTuber Dropoff shared their success to YouTube, and you can see just how effective Crossfire is in the world of Dark Souls. It’s pretty perfect, and even includes working ladders. Well done, modders!

YouTube video

Eurogamer reports that, although the feat has finally been achieved, it’s going to take a lot of fine-tuning and hard work to streamline the process. It’s still a lot of work to import a custom map, so it might still be a while before you can get to try one out for yourself.

Check out the full report from Eurogamer right here.

Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware