More Details On Resident Evil 4 Remake Have Reportedly Leaked

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It’s emerged that a new Resident Evil remake game is in the works, and though gamers might not be thrilled at the possibility of a Resident Evil 4 Remake, multiple sources are now reporting on its supposed existence.

Credit: Capcom

The latest leaks on the as-of-yet-unannounced game come courtesy of industry insider and leaker @AestheticGamer1, who has tweeted some new info about what we can expect from RE4 Remake.

According to the user, who has correctly leaked RE-related news in the past, the game is still “two plus years away,” with Resident Evil 8 set to launch before.

The leaker has also taken the time to encourage gamers to pass their feedback to Capcom, specifically regarding RE3 Remake and RE 4 Remake.

They tweeted: “RE4’s [development] is impacted by how RE3 is received as that game is still a couple years away, as well as the title that gets greenlit after RE8 is finished. It won’t affect RE8 much, but that’s a very different game anyways…

Credit: Capcom

“Capcom do actually listen to feedback, more than many think they do, and many games in the series have made HUGE changes in the last year and a half of development, sometimes from past games receptions.”

The tweets come in response to Capcom’s request for constructive feedback on its most-recent RE releases: RE 3 and its online multplayer mode, RE Resistance.

Meanwhile, a number of people are supporting a Resident Evil: Code Veronica remake over RE 4, which really isn’t a bad idea at all.

Resident Evil 4 is one of the best games you can play, period. Available on pretty much every console that’s ever existed, RE 4 is a masterclass in horror and action, the likes of which Capcom has struggled to get right ever since.  Capcom is going to have one heck of a job on its hands with remaking this one…

Featured Image Credit: Capcom