Mortal Kombat Movie Gets Sequel With Marvel Writer Attached

Last year’s Mortal Kombat movie is officially getting a sequel, with the writer of Marvel’s upcoming Moon Knight attached as a writer.

As reported by Deadline, a Mortal Kombat movie sequel is in development, with Jeremy Slater, the Moon Knight series writer, penning the film. Judging from a tweet posted from his own Twitter account, Todd Garner will be returning as producer as well. The first film was directed by Simon McQuoid, and written by Greg Russo. But neither have been confirmed to be involved in the sequel project.

Russo had wanted to make a trilogy of films, with the first film hinting at directions it could take. Series mainstay Johnny Cage was heavily teased in the film, so it’s likely we will see him in the sequel. Slater is so far the only person attached to the project, with no confirmations of any cast members returning.

The latest film adaptation of Mortal Kombat generally received average reviews from critics. But fans did enjoy the over the top effects and slight comedic tone to the film, reminiscent of the games themselves. The film was also a commercial success, taking in just over £62 million at the box office.

No other details have been confirmed about this upcoming sequel other than Slater being attached as writer. It is very obviously early days for the film still. Considering a writer has only just been attached it will be in the earliest stages of pre-production. So we wouldn’t expect a sequel any time soon.

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Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.