Mother 3 Fans Create Beautiful 3D Remake Tribute To Game

A group of fans have made a 3D tribute to the Japan only Game Boy Advance game Mother 3, and it’s beautiful.

One of the biggest running jokes in the games industry is the constant expectation that Mother 3 will have a western release announced in a Nintendo Direct.

Of course, that never happens, so fans have to opt for the genuinely great fan translation. But now, creative collective Curiomatic has released a video showing off what a Mother 3 3D remake might look like. 

YouTube video

The tribute video is almost like a long trailer showing off various famous scenes from the original game. It is rendered in an almost toy-like, stop motion-esque style, similar to the recent Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening remake. And the style absolutely fits the world of Mother 3. The whole animation is incredibly charming, and absolutely has us wishing a full remake from the team was in development.

It was only last week where Mother creator Shigesato Itoi fanned the flames of fans’ hopes. Itoi quote tweeted the tweet announcing the Nintendo Direct saying “7am is amazing. It may be snowing.”

This of course led to fans hoping a Mother 3 announcement was on the way. But unfortunately, it was simply that the first two games, Earthbound Origins and Earthbound, were being added to SNES and NES Online.

While an official port is likely never going to happen, this beautiful tribute can at least give as a taste of a modern take on the cult-classic.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/ Curiomatic