Amazon’s Lost Ark Is Being Review Bombed Due To Launch Issues

Amazon Game’s new MMORPG Lost Ark is being review bombed on Steam, after receiving an “Overwhelmingly Positive” response.

The free-to-play Lost Ark actually released in 2019 in South Korea and last week it launched in the west. Despite having a somewhat troubled launch due to online servers struggling to cope with demand, most people appear to be enjoying their time with Lost Ark. Sadly, that is not the case for everyone.

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As a result of the server issues, Lost Ark was delayed slightly on the day of its launch. By the looks of things, as long as you can get into a game and not be booted out, Lost Ark seems to be an enjoyable experience. However, those that cannot connect to the MMORPG are voicing their frustration by review bombing the game.

Not all fans are happy

As shared on Reddit, when Lost Ark initially launched, it had received “Overwhelmingly Positive” user reviews on Steam, but now it has bombed down to “Mixed” in just a matter of days.

Judging by the comment thread on the Reddit post, there’s a lot of love for Lost Ark. In fact, one user even described it as “one of the best games I’ve played in a long time.” However, the number of users commenting on server issues and long queue times are increasing.

Hopefully, not all is lost

lost ark
Credit: Amazon Games

It sucks that such a highly anticipated game has had so many issues at launch. That being said, let’s hope the developers at Smilegate RPG will fix the issues soon.

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Featured Image Credit: Amazon Games/Smilegate RPG