Mum Goes Viral For Accidentally Winning Pokémon Trading Card Match


Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game

Caroline Director is a talented storyboard artist and an avid Pokémon fan, who, during her free time, loves to compete in Pokémon Trading Card Game tournaments. 

It was at one of these tournaments – attended by Caroline and her mum Pamela – that Caroline’s mum became the very best like no-one ever was – and stole the hearts of the internet in the process.

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Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game/Wizards of the Coast

It all began one morning when Pamela asked her daughter if she could attend the tournament with her and watch her play. Caroline then invited her mother to play the game herself, as “it’s really simple” to learn. Her mother happily accepted the invitation. 

So Caroline quickly taught her mother the tricks of the trade, just so that she can compete at least on some level, but then Pamela started to plough through the bedazzled competition, turning from a Poké-mom Trainer to a Poké-mom Master almost instantaneously!

Then as if these events weren’t already as unexpected as they can be to Caroline, her mother went on to BEAT her and knock her out of the tournament. Yikes.


The win earned the new player a Top 8 finish and a deck of new Pokémon Trading Cards in the process, but the fame and glory doesn’t end there. 

After sharing the wholesome story to social media, Caroline’s tale soon went viral, garnering over 100,000 likes and nearly 25k of retweets.

It seemed that Pamela had one hell of a time at the event, earning a legion of fans both at the tournament and across social media, which made her very appreciative and emotional of all the positive attention.

It’s always nice to read a feel good story for the day and this is certainly one of those.  So remember, the next time your parents gives you a lift to a tournament, you might just have a master combatant in waiting.

Featured Image Credit: Pokemon Trading Card Game

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