Atari Reveals Plans To Open Video Game Themed Hotels

Amazing news!

Credit: Atari

Not too long ago, we shared a story that showcased some awesome looking Pokémon-inspired rooms that would be coming to hotels across Japan. That appears to have been just the beginning though.

It seems that fellow industry veterans Atari aims to Top Trump Nintendo by going one step further, as they have announced Atari themed hotels, not just rooms, but actual hotels!

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Credit: Atari

In a press release by Atari, the company detailed plans to open a series of gaming themed hotels across eight United States cities, including Austin, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, San Francisco, San Jose and Seattle.

The press release also confirms some exciting details on the project, stating these hotels will feature an Atari Playground, a “state of the art” eSports studio, meeting and event rooms, co-working spaces, restaurants, bars, a bakery, movie theatre and even a gym. 

Credit: Atari

The Atari hotels will be aimed at families and business, that will provide “luxurious, relaxed and one of a kind experience.” Sign me up!


As this project is currently in its very early stages, there are currently no details as to what this “one of a kind experience” would cost, but I think it’s safe to assume that it won’t come cheap, as awesome as it may be.

There’s also no news yet on when the hotels will be opening, but it’s a safe bet to imagine these sites and rooms are going to be a pretty hot commodity when they do open their doors!

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Personally, as I love the Resident Evil series, I’d love to see a Capcom Hotel, as long as it doesn’t feature a real-life Nemesis or Mr X stalking you throughout your stay. 

Are you excited by this news and would this experience be of interest to you? 

Featured Image Credit: Atari

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