Mums Think Fortnite Is Turning Their Children Into ‘Arseholes’

Fortnite players are known for getting a little competitive with their matches, and when it comes to a tense stand-off in a Battle Royale game, it’s hard to blame someone for going a bit over the top, but does that make you an “arsehole”?

We’ve all seen the headlines when a parent or school accuses the gaming industry of tarnishing a child’s education, and we’ve all seen how the NHS is now recognising Gaming Addiction as a mental illness, but now mums are finally taking to the internet to hit back at Fortnite. 

Taking to Mumsnet to vent her frustration, one parent under the username, SkaTastic, branded her child an “arsehole” when playing the game. 

“Just banned [my son, aged 12] off [Fortnite] for life and put the Xbox in the bottom of my wardrobe. He is generally a lovely kid but holy f*ck does this game turn him into a monster.  

“And no matter how many times I shout (yes I know) STOP SHOUTING he still continues to bellow at his mates about tw*tting Spooky Towers or whatever the f*ck it is called.

“F*cking hell fire.” 

The post, entitled “Does Fortnite turn your kid into an *rsehole too?” has now amassed hundreds of comments from equally frustrated parents, who are slamming the game for turning kids into “monsters.” 

The debate isn’t just getting attention from fed-up mums and dads though, as even teachers are venting their frustration online.

As people flocked to the post to share parenting tactics when it comes to getting children off the game, SkaTastic added: “I work in school too so totally get it!! Miss miss do you want to hear about what I did on Fortnite last night? Err no ta mate.” 

A tonne of parents on the forum are praying for the craze to die down – they might be waiting a while!