Mums Troll Kids By Lip-Syncing Their Fortnite Banter

Epic Games’ free-to-play Battle Royale game Fornite hasn’t stayed out of the limelight as the game continues to adapt, grow and develop with its audience, constantly offering new modes, skins and more.

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Fortnite has been at the centre of a debate for a while now, as parents and schools try and campaign against the game for its very addictive (and very fun) gameplay. 

We’ve seen everything from kids with gaming addictions to headteachers lashing out and blaming the Battle Royale game for being unsuitable for children, which only seems to be making the game more and more popular.

Because when someone tells you not to do something, that’s just more of a reason to do it, right?

Of course the backlash has become something of a meme, and what’s the best way to kill a meme? To take the p*ss out of it, of course! 

That’s exactly what two mums of Fortnite-obsessed decided to do, as they lip-synched their kids playing the game. 

Instead of banning their children from the game (and only making it more desirable!) mums Whitney Cicero and Angela Hoover decided on a more unique and hilarious approach to highlight the silliness of their sons’ game chat when playing Fortnite.

Recording the audio of their gameplay, the parents lip-synced the whole debacle and uploaded the clip to the internet, where the video has since gone viral because of how perfect their performance is.

The sons in question are kindly recognised in the video’s description as: “The voice talents of Luke, Lucas, DJ and Sully.” 

Mimicking such classic lines as “MOM, THIS ISN’T A JOKE!” and “Did you just fart?” the footage has Fortnite players (and their mums) in hysterics. 

They’ve got the lip-syncing down to a T, even given the best of a run for their money.

You can check out Whitney at The New Stepford for even more hilarity, and check out the video above!