My Top 8 Video Games That Would Make Great Movies

Video games to movie adaptations have often had a rocky road over the years and the same can be said for the roles reversed. However, that doesn’t stop many of us wanting them to happen and I often day dream about video games that I believe would make great movies, whether they’d happen or not. So with that said, I’ve compiled a list of my top eight video games that I believe would make for great movies. As always, this list is subjective and there are loads of contenders that missed the list, so sound out your favourites in the comments.

Alan Wake

This has to be the most natural fit from this list with Alan Wake, inspired by the likes of Twin Peaks and presented in an episodic format that would not look out of place as a Netflix series. A troubled writer, a missing wife, a spooky town by the name of Bright Falls with strange residents and ghostly encounters, the story of Alan Wake quite literally writes itself and wouldn’t look out of a place as a Stephen King movie.

Dead Space

There have been several attempts to bring survival horror adaptations to the big screen such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill to name but two. I know we’ve had anime-style releases with Dead Space: Aftermath and Downfall, which I both quite enjoyed, but I would love a live-action adaptation attempt at breaking into the silver screen. Done right, this horror game inspired by the likes of Alien and Event Horizon, could make for a truly terrifying live-action horror movie that could not only appeal to fans of the gaming series, but horror movie fans that perhaps have never even played the video games before.


Ever since the reboot of the Wolfenstein series was brought to us in 2014 with the New Blood, it wasn’t just the pick up and play approach, the gritty storyline or the gruesome visuals that appealed to me, but it was how it was presented as a whole. The way in which the story and visual presentation was approached felt very cinematic and almost from the get-go, it had that Quentin Tarantino vibe and from that moment, I would love the man that was responsible for Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill and more to direct/produce a Wolfenstein movie.

The Last Guardian

Now I can see the daggers coming my way, why would I want a The Last Guardian movie over Shadow of the Colossus? Well that’s simple, I didn’t own a PS2 at the time and I missed the boat by the time it arrived to PS3 as a HD remaster, so I’m holding out for that full-on remake coming this February. So the next best thing for me would be The Last Guardian, a heart warming tale of a boy and a mythical creature called Trico. I believe this video game could transcend to the big screen in a big way, whether it be in live-action or animation form.

God of War

This one has been spoken about for years already and I still believe it would be a very successful movie if done right. The God of War series is a flagship brand for the Sony consoles and with the new title set to release on PS4 March this year (hopefully), this could be the perfect time to announce a big budget God of War movie. Mythology movies and TV series are as popular now as they were decades ago, but with the lore of the God of War series with such an empowering character as Kratos to tear apart whichever Gods he chooses, this could be an 18+/R rated movie for the ages! But the big question is, who would be cast as Kratos himself?


I am n00b when it comes to the Yakuza series, but with the introduction of Yakuza 0 last year on PS4, it was the perfect time for would-be fans such as myself to get in on the action to see what all the fuss is about. The Yakuza series might be perhaps less known for its ground breaking gameplay and more so for us immersive storylines, lore, powerful characters and quirky world, which if you think about it, has all the ingredients to be a hit on the big screen. I for one would love to see that happen. Having a full Japanese cast is a no-brainer, and for me, it would have to be a sub-titled movie, but would a non dubbed movie fail in the West? Personally, I don’t think so and it would be awesome if Sega put this production into motion. But who would you cast as the director?

Devil May Cry

We’ve already had an anime for Devil May Cry, which is well worth checking out if you haven’t already. But how would a live-action adaption fair on the silver screen? Personally, out of all the suggestions made in this list so far, this could be the one that would likely fail more than most. Other then gameplay and visual design, many of us love the DmC series for its cheesy storylines and camp characters, and I’m not too sure how that would transcend at the box office, and it would be a tough choice casting someone as the right fit for Dante. My gut instinct says that this movie would fail, but if done right, with its all-out action and quirky characters, it could very well be a surprise hit in a world where video game adaptations are usually doomed to fail.

The Evil Within

Now this is a movie that I would love to see, The Evil Within, a gaming series from the survival horror mind of Shinji Mikami brought to the big screen. With the troubled detective; Sebastian Castellanos leading the charge and it’s downright sinister characters and evil demonic creatures, this along with the Dead Space series has all the makings of a fantastic horror movie if done right. I know we’ve been there before with many adaptations of this genre and we’ve seen many of them fail, but this, this could very well be the one that succeeds. If only the late, great Wes Craven was still with us, he would be an ideal visionary to bring this horror flick to life.