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N64 GoldenEye 007 Dev Admits: “It’s Cheating To Play As Oddjob!”

Cheater, cheater!


GoldenEye 007 for the Nintendo 64 is one of the most iconic shooters of all time, bringing a whole new experience to home consoles way back in 1997.

Created by a team of less than ten people, many of whom had never before worked on a video game, the title rocketed to success and sold over eight million copies worldwide.

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It’s the third highest-selling N64 game of all time, and can you believe it’s about to turn 21?!

Yep, the game originally released on 25th August 1997, which is making us feel pretty old right now…

In a recent interview with Mel Magazine, some of the game’s devs sat down to talk all things GoldenEye 007.


Although not an easy game to cheat in, there’s definitely some…tactical advantages to playing as one character in particular, and it’s always been hotly debated whether or not playing as him is cheating.

Of course we’re talking about Oddjob, who’s small stature means he’s a harder target to shoot in the game.

It’s now been confirmed from the devs themselves that playing as him definitely isn’t on.

Discussing the game with its lead environment artists Karl Hilton and gameplay and engine programmer, Mark Edmonds, the interview finally sheds some light onto the ethics of Oddjob.

Edmonds stated: “It’s definitely cheating to play as Oddjob!

“But that can just add to the fun when you’re all sitting there next to each other and berating/poking/hitting the person who chooses him.”

Hilton recognised Oddjob’s important role in the industry though, adding: “It’s clearly become part of the culture and folklore of the game — I noticed playing GoldenEye as Oddjob was mentioned in Ready Player One, so ultimately, I think it’s fine.”

Mel Magazine‘s interview gives a rare and really interesting insight into how the small team developed such a smash-hit game. Check it out in full right here.

Happy Birthday, GoldenEye 007!

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