Nathan Drake Has Never Taken Bullet Damage In The Whole Uncharted Series

Amy Hennig, director of the first three Uncharted games added: “True! That was the original intention (to stay more aligned with the spirit and tone of the films we were homaging.)”

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Uncharted seems like the perfect franchise to make a movie about and thankfully it’s going to happen. Shawn Levy, responsible for directing Stranger Things, will be directing the Uncharted movie and Tom Holland will be playing a ‘young Nathan Drake’.

The people behind the script for the Uncharted movie worked together to make sure the movie would appeal to both the general audience and fans of the video game series.

They also wanted to make sure the game took a fresh approach to the Uncharted universe. Ultimately, they decided to run with a story that will focus on a younger Nathan Drake, essentially serving as a prequel to the games.

Levy mentioned that the concept of the Uncharted movie story really came together when Levy spoke to Holland about it. “He kind of put it really succinctly in saying, if we do the origin of Drake, that is something that we haven’t seen in the plot of game 1-4. We’ve seen a snippet of an origin of Sully and Drake meeting in the past, but here’s maybe an opportunity to do a treasure-hunting action movie with attitude, with a protagonist and chapter of the protagonist’s life that you can’t get for free at home by just playing the game.”