Petition To Get Fortnite Banned Already Has Thousands Of Signatures

A petition to ‘get rid of Fortnite’ has managed to attract thousands of signatures.

As you can see here, it’s gaining popularity very quickly.

The initial post reads: “Hey all signers! i know all of you are hopeful this game goes down the drain and with all the attention it’s getting It seems possible. With over a million players worldwide the most they could do would be putting restraints on It in some way which i hope could still help all of you (and me) with your significant others and kids.”

After the petition started gaining traction, the originators posted an update: “okay so i see this blew up. It was originally made as a joke and Initially i hated fortnite but i started playing It and it’s actually kinda fun. Me and my friend were just joking and we hoped people would notice but,I see how the game can take away from family time and It is a problem in that sense. I also see how mothers get annoyed and wife’s/girlfriends when their significant others ignore them for It.

“Regardless we never knew this would blow up so big. It was initially a joke but It seems to be a rising issue within families because everyone has been so addicted to It. The game has caused quite an uproar with a lot of women and i definitely see how. We made this petition 2 months ago and totally forgot about It I hope nobody gets too upset over this petition (we might leave It up because It got very noticed from many websites and news articles and It seems it’s actually a serious problem from when It was made 2 months prior). This is my last edit of this petition i hope you all aren’t too upset from what It was originally.”

One signer commented: “Fortnite is annoying, it is distracting when people talk about it in class. It is lowering my friend’s grades as they are addicted to it. I don’t know what to do, she’s throwing her life away for the game.”

While another simply added: “PUBG is better”. Fair.

There’s been loads of weird stuff going on in Fortnite recently. It all kicked off when a rocket from the enemy lair on the west side of the map attempted to destroy the Tilted Towers. Obviously, it failed and punctuated the air, causing a huge crack in the sky.

This rip in the sky seems to be the beginning of Season 5, as it has made a rip in space and time.

According to Reddit, Lonely Lodge will be completely changed after being one of the first places to experience a rift.

User The-Internet-Explore claims that this area will be turned into Jurassic Jungle and it will be a new biome.

Not only that, but there is also rumours of dinosaurs spawning in this area.

On the other side of the Fortnite map, the motel will disappear and it will be turned into a new location called Wild West. Some Wild West models have already been accessed from the game files.

The soccer field is going to be turned into an Egyptian theme, with huge pyramids. The giant lion statue will be replaced by the Sphinx.

And if dinosaurs and Ancient Egypt wasn’t enough for you, in the southern part of the island, Moisty Mire will be replaced by Pirates Point. Yup, a pirate-themed area. It will have ships, cannons, caves, gold, and all kinds of treasure.

Lucky Landing will be replaced by Captive Castle which is a castle surrounded by big walls. The castle will have a medieval theme and players will find a weapon armory and stables for horses in the area.

Several clues so far regarding random leaks of objects from the past into the current Fortnite game.

For example, an ancient Greek anchor…

Also, the map itself seems to have been leaked.

DieBuddies has managed to get hold of an image, and a video is dropping later today.

As we all know, seasons give you the opportunity to unlock a variety of rewards – including new character and weapon skins, loading screens, emotes and emoticons, and even V-Bucks.

But when is season five coming out? Well, it’s very VERY soon. It’ll be with us on Thursday, July 12th at 8am GMT, which is

UK: 9am (BST)

Europe: 10am (CEST)

East Coast US: 4am (EDT)

West Coast US: 1am (PDT)

Eurogamer reports that even though it starts two days later than originally scheduled in-game, it actually gives you more time on your Season 4 Battle Pass progress and challenges. As with previous seasons, all previous challenges will be wiped when Season 5 begins, so you have to get a wiggle on and make sure you’ve finished everything up before it starts.