Naughty Dog shares The Last of Us remake extended gameplay preview

Naughty Dog has finally shared the best look yet at The Last of Us remake yet with an extended gameplay preview.

This week, there have been numerous leaks for The Last of Us: Part 1, so it’s nice to see that Naughty Dog has given us an official preview of its highly anticipated remake.

YouTube video

While the preview video is 99% spoiler-free, there is however one spoiler of sorts to what is truly a wonderful moment in the game, which happens later in the story. I won’t spoil that moment here, but please keep that in mind before watching the video at the bottom of this article.

The Devs give us their insight

Overall, the extended gameplay video gives us an added insight into the game’s visuals with side-by-side comparisons, gameplay improvements, and more. The video is hosted by Naughty Dog co-president Neil Druckmann, Game Director Matthew Gallant as well as Creative Director and Writer Shaun Escayg.

Credit: Naughty Dog

One of the key improvements that will feature in the remake is the new and improved motion matching technology. In a nutshell, Naughty Dog says that not only will Ellie and Joel react more naturally to the environment and the current situation at hand, but all NPC AI will behave more realistically.

Has the AI improved that much?

In my opinion, while I can see the improvements highlighted in terms of characters reacting more naturally, the enhancement doesn’t look to be all that drastic to me personally. However, obviously, I’ve not played the game, so I will keep an open mind until I’ve actually played the remake.

Credit: Naughty Dog

In terms of visuals and performance, this is where the remake really looks to shine. During the opening moments of the video, Druckmann spoke about the cut-scenes that were used in The Last of Us: Part 2 as flashbacks from the original game.

Seamless transition from cut-scene to gameplay

Druckmann said that this was an inspiration for Naughty Dog to create the remake, as it would be a closer reflection of their intended vision without the restrictions of previous console technology.

The Naughty Dog co-president also spoke of how the team achieved a seamless transition from cut-scenes to gameplay, making them near undisguisable.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Elsewhere in the new and improved post-apocalyptic world, it will not only have greater detail and density, but bullets will now tear apart the environment. Smoke and particle effects also look to have been improved massively over the original game. Furthermore, the ray-tracing and lighting effects look incredible.

Choose between visuals and performance

The remake will also feature performance and graphics modes to choose from. If you favour visuals, you can play the remake with a native 4K at a targeted 30fps. However, if you prefer performance you can play with dynamic 4K at a targeted 60fps.

Naughty Dog also spoke in detail about how the PlayStation 5s 3D Audio and DualSense controller features will enhance player immersion. So much so, that you will be able to hear the Clicker variant known as the “Stalker” hunt you down from within the shadows, as well as feeling feedback of every weapon in the game.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Accessibility, unlockables and two new modes

As an evolution from The Last of Us: Part 2, the remake will also feature over 60 accessibility options including a new built-in Audio Description mode and more. 

However, that is not all, because the remake will feature even more unlockables than the original game, as well as two new gameplay modes, Permadeath and a Speedrunning mode.

YouTube video

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The Last of Us: Part 1 will release for PS5 on September 2nd, 2022 and for PC at a later date. You can pre-order The Last of Us: Part 1 for £63.95 on PS5.

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Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog/Source: PS Blog