This custom Legend of Zelda PC build is fit for a hero of time

There is no such thing as too many master swords.

This custom Legend of Zelda PC build goes wild with its design, featuring multiple master swords and even the Deku Tree himself.

You can’t play many Zelda games on the PC, well, not officially anyway. But many big Legend of Zelda fans may still want to sit back and play games on the Zelda-themed PC of their dreams. Thanks to Reddit user Oddtech (1YardLoss) some lucky person out there now owns this amazing Legend of Zelda Custom PC build, fit for any Hero of Time.

Posting to the r/gaming community, Oddtech shared the PC he was commissioned to build. It features a ton of iconic Zelda items and characters. All behind sitting inside a case, moulded to look like the Great Deku Tree himself.

“They gave the ‘go wild’ instruction”, Oddtech explains within the Reddit comments.

And go wild he has. There’s a huge amount of famous items 3D-printed and fit within the custom build. A lot of which come from the 1998 N64 game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If you look closely you can spot Link’s Ocarina, the Hookshot and even Navi herself.

There’s also not one, but two Master Swords present, and of course the Hylian Shield too.

Oddtech did receive some criticisms for how overloaded with items the custom PC build looks, but that’s what the client asked for.

“I like putting a lot in computers, but it’s all up to preference. The FF7 client wanted a cleaner build with less going on, so that’s what they got. While this guy said “yeah go for it lol” so I did.”

I especially love the fake greenery, and that the coolant tubes glow green. A lot of thought was put into creating this one-of-a-kind build, and any Zelda fan would be lucky to have it.

Oddtech explains that this entire build was commissioned for $2,000, but that included all the actual PC parts, rather than just the eye-catching Zelda add-ons.

Artist creates eye-catching Zelda fan art

There’s More Where That Came From

If you’re not big on The Legend of Zelda, Oddtech has also created other gaming-inspired custom PCs. Like his Final Fantasy 7 Remake Custom.

His Final Fantasy 7 Remake custom build features 3D prints of the silhouettes of the game’s characters. There are even screens featuring moving video footage of both Cloud and Aerith, inside and on the front of the PC case.

It’s super stylish and looks like something Square Enix would release themselves.

If you’re excited about the future release of Kirby’s Dream Buffet, well Oddtech also created an adorable custom PC based around our favourite pink puffball, Kirby!

These gorgeous gaming-inspired custom PCs don’t come cheap, with most costing between the $1,000 to $2,5000 range. However, you get a lovingly made PC built to your specifications and something to show off to your friends.

Now, what gaming fan wouldn’t want that?

Featured Image Credit:  Nintendo.  Source: Reddit.

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