World Of Warcraft Can Now Be Played Just By Subscribing – All Expansions Now Free

It might be one of the most recognisable names in PC gaming, but World of Warcraft definitely isn’t the most budget-friendly MMO on the market, at least until now.

Blizzard have decided to make a change to the way fans access and pay for the game, which could make it considerably cheaper for a lot of players.

The game previously featured an upfront fee to play for the base product, fees for the following expansion packs and then a monthly charge for the subscription as well, which meant getting your WoW daily dose could be extremely pricey.

Now however, it looks like Blizzard has made a smart choice as it’s decided to ditch the costs and simply charge the monthly subscription fee of $15 (that’s £9.99 if you’re in the UK).

Just paying the subscription cost means you’ll get access to the base game, plus every expansion pack except for the new one – Battle for Azerothwhich hasn’t actually launched yet.

Although it sounds like a step in the right direction for Blizzard, if you do want the full WoW experience then Battle for Azeroth will be selling for $49.99 if you’re in the U.S, or £39.99 in the UK – and that’s just the standard edition.

The Digital Deluxe edition of the expansion will set you back even more, with the pre-order price set at $69.99/£52.99.

Maybe you won’t be saving too much money after all.

Thanks Blizzard…

If you’re looking to add Battle for Azeroth to your WoW library, then you’ll be pleased to learn it’s launching fairly soon, with a release date of August 14th 2018.

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As for the change in the fees for the game, they’ve already been implemented, so if you’ve never delved into the huge and expansive world and are keen to give WoW a whirl then now might be the best time!