Go feed your Blumaroo.

Neopets Is Now Officially Mobile-Friendly Thanks To New App

Before Club Penguin we had Neopets, the virtual world of pets, mini-games and Baby Paintbrushes that allowed you to connect with friends, take care of your animals and basically have the most fun you could possibly have in the early 2000s. Although Neopets is very much up and running to this day, the browser games sadly never really translated to mobile. Until now.

Credit: JumpStart

Yep, Neopets is now officially mobile-friendly thanks to its open beta, which launched earlier this week.

In a press release, Neopets owner, JumpStart, said the following: “While keeping the beloved tone and gameplay of the original game, the new mobile-friendly version updates the UI and allows users the flexibility to play and care for their Neopets, while sharing and interacting with the community, on mobile web browsers.”

Credit: Neopets

The app will feature new games and features which will be landing in the coming months, and yes, you’ll be able to do pretty much everything you can do on the main website, from the comfort of an app.

“The ability to create an identity through your pets, customize your experience through
gameplay, push yourself to achieve new things and express and share who you are with
a like-minded community is what draws players in and keeps them playing,” said
Stephanie Lord, Neopets Brand Manager.

Credit: JumpStart

“Making Neopets accessible from mobile devices will mean it’s even easier for people to come back and feed those pets who have been waiting for their owners to return!”

“There is a classic and universal enjoyment of the game that we’re starting to see
evolve to become multi-generational,” said Jim Czulewicz, CEO of JumpStart. “We have
active players who met in the game years ago, connected again as adults, got married
and have children!”

Speaking of, it’s about time I fed my Blumaroo…

Credit: JumpStart

You can find out more about the Neopets open beta on the official website right here. See you in Neopia!

Featured Image Credit: JumpStart