New Apex Legend Character Name And Abilities Have Been Leaked

A few weeks ago data miners managed to do the dirty on Apex Legends, digging up a load of files that suggested a host of new characters were set to enter the game.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Although data miners can often be wrong about what they find (source codes are a tricky place to navigate, and it’s incredibly easy for devs to remove any ideas they might have wanted before they get released), but Reddit seems to have uncovered actual proof of one of the game’s new additions.

Posting on the r/apexlegends subreddit, a user shared the following image which shows off Octane, one of the names data miners uncovered a few weeks ago.

Credit: @childs_play

At this moment in time, it’s not known whether or not the above image is legit or not, but Redditors and Apex fans have a lot of thoughts about Octane’s apparent set-up.

One user commented: “If this is real (looks super legit?) then his kit sounds f*cking incredible. Gradual health regen and a stimpack.

“One octane please.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The original leaks from data miners showed off Octane having something called a “Stim shot,” which isn’t seen in the Reddit image.

A number of Apex data miners have also leaked the following images over the last few weeks, which appear to show another Legend named Wattson with an ability called Tesla Trap.

Other mysterious Legends names found in the files include Crypto, Husaria, Jericho, Nomad, Prophet, Rampart, Rosie and Skunner.

Respawn has already promised a tonne of new content coming in the next few weeks, months and even years. With Seasons kicking off soon, it couldn’t be a better time to jump into the world of Apex Legends. Have you been playing it?




Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment