Overwatch Fans Are Attacking Brigitte’s Voice Actor Because They Dislike The Character

In case you didn’t know, Overwatch‘s Brigitte isn’t exactly the most-loved character in the game. Lots of Overwatch players think that the whole GOATS thing is tired, and Brigitte – a support/tank hybrid – is the target of a lot of their anger.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Brigitte who’s bearing the brunt of the hatred in the community – it’s even spread as far as her voice actor, Matilda Smedius, who obviously has no control over what Blizzard has designed the character to be.

Credit: Blizzard

Smedius recently tweeted her disdain over the trouble the Brigitte-haters are causing her right now, as she posted a response to a claim that Brigitte “destroyed Overwatch and the meta.”

She wrote: “It just makes me so confused as to why someone would send me this kind of message. Like, FINE, if you feel like one character destroyed a whole game, you have the right to think so, but maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor.”

Credit: Blizzard

She then went on to upload a video on the controversy, thanking her fans for their support and giving her opinion on the “DeleteBrig” hashtag.

Check out the video below [via Kotaku].

YouTube video

She confessed: “[the harassment] hurts and it makes me sad. And I know, I should’ve known about this whole thing when I said yes to doing Brigitte. This is just what comes out of having a huge following. But it still hurts.”

Credit: Blizzard

I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t bully actors because you don’t like their characters…

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard