What an inspiration!

New Dead Space Is Inspired By Resident Evil Remakes Claims Report

A recent report claims that the new Dead Space is inspired by the Resident Evil remakes from Capcom, and fans are excited!

Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat reported that the upcoming Dead Space game will be “a full-fledged remake” inspired by Capcom’s Resident Evil. It is also claimed that the new game is being developed by Electronic Arts studio, Motive.

re 2 remake
Credit: Capcom

Capcom has led the way with remakes

Like Resident Evil 2 Remake, expect the next Dead Space to use the original game as a strong foundation. But it should also have modern visuals. And it will likely bring in new gameplay mechanics inspired by other entries in the franchise,” claims Grubb.


And speaking of Capcom, it is likely a major reason a new Dead Space is happening. While EA has let its horror franchise wither, the Resident Evil series is larger than ever. And Capcom has provided an easy blueprint for EA to follow.

Please let the rumours be true!

While we must take all rumours with a pinch of salt, its widely expected that the new Dead Space game will be announced at EA Play Live on July 22nd.

What are your thoughts on the Dead Space rumours? Personally, I think it is a shame that EA decided to shut down series developer Visceral Games back in 2017. However, I suppose as long as the series returns to its true survival horror roots, then I will be happy.



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Featured Image Credit: EA / Capcom