New Details On The Witcher Season 2 Revealed By Showrunner

Season One ended with a bang.

Credit: Netflix

Netflix’s The Witcher took the world by storm when it launched on the streaming platform last month, and with a second season already confirmed, we’re all eager to learn more about Geralt, Yen and Ciri.

In an interview with Business Insider, The Witcher showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich confirmed some of the details that the second season of the show will cover, outlining what we can expect to see.

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Credit: Netflix

“You’ll learn a lot more about Geralt,” Hissrich told the publication. “You’ll get to know where he came from and why he is the person he is in season one.”

As for Princess Ciri, she’s well and truly left her previous life behind and will instead be focused on “trying to build a new family.”

Meanwhile, Yennefer will be dealing with the fallout from the Battle of Sodden that capped off the final episode of season one.


Credit: Netflix

“She took a big risk at the end with that firepower, and it doesn’t work out so well for her,” Hissrich said.

She went on to add: “Everyone will continue to have their own challenges in season two, but we’ll also fold them into each other a lot more.”

The first season of the show featured three timelines, which was a little confusing for a lot of viewers, and needed some clearing up from Netflix. It seems as though this isn’t likely going forward though, as Hissrich has stated the next season will be “more focused and linear.”

She explained: “The timelines in season one helped us deal with the logistical issue of telling Yennefer, Geralt, and Ciri’s stories at the same time,

Credit: Netflix

“We don’t have that issue in season two. By the end of season one they’re all in the same time. The Battle of Sodden has happened, we’ve seen Yennefer’s participation in it, and Geralt has found Ciri. So they’re all in the same time and place when we start season two.”

That being said, we can still expect flashbacks or at least something similar, says the showrunner.

Hissrich said: “The story has a lot more energy and drive because we’re not constantly trying to introduce new places or characters…there are things we couldn’t fit in season one that I will want to return to in future seasons. We’ll continue to use flashbacks when we need it, or other devices.”

The Witcher season two will be available sometime in 2021.

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