New Disc-Less Xbox Console Gets A ‘Tentative’ Release Date

We might be on the cusp of a new generation of consoles, but it seems there’s still room in the market for a new version of the Xbox One – or so Microsoft believes.

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft has been working on a disc-less Xbox, but it looks like it might be releasing sooner than we all thought.

Credit: Microsoft

According to a report from WindowsCentral, the launch is just a few weeks away, with a “tentative” date of May 7th in place.

WindowsCentral says it’s received product photographs of the new Xbox, which previously went under the development name “Maverick.”

It’s official name is now said to be the ‘Xbox One S All-Digital edition,’ and if you’re a Microsoft fan who hates the clutter of discs, this might be the one for you.

Credit: Microsoft

WindowsCentral did not share the supposed images of the console, instead favouring Photoshopped versions to protect the final design. It did state that the Xbox One S All-Digital appears to be “virtually identical” to the current iteration of the Xbox One S, but obviously without the disc drive.

It reportedly will come with a 1TB HDD, along with a bunch of digital games codes, and is expected to have “the lowest recommended retail price of all current Xbox One consoles.”

Credit: Microsoft

With nothing yet solidly confirmed from Microsoft, it’s best to take all this information with a few mugs of salt, because a grain just won’t cut it with this one.

It’s definitely an odd time to bring out the console, consider that rumours suggest next-gen gaming is just around the corner.

Will you be picking up an Xbox One S All-Digital?



Featured Image Credit: Microsoft