New Dragon Age Image Teases The Return Of Grey Wardens

A new Dragon Age image has teased the return of the series’ heroic order of warriors, the Grey Wardens [via Eurogamer].

Image from Dragon Age 4
Credit: EA

Posted to Twitter by Dragon Age’s executive producer Christian Dailey, the image features a familiar warrior placed alongside a bold title logo. Admittedly, the image is sparse when it comes to details about the upcoming RPG. However, it does suggest that Grey Wardens could prominently feature in the next Dragon Age game.

While the teaser image doesn’t give too much away, it does give us an idea of what to expect from Dragon Age 4. Thanks to Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips, we previously learned that the game will be set in Tevinter, which has yet to feature as a playable world in the series.

BioWare’s last Dragon Age outing, Inquisition, featured Grey Wardens as a recruitable ally. The order’s backseat presence in Inquisition is in complete contrast to Dragon Age: Origins, where the faction were the stars of the show.

Image from Dragon Age 4
Credit: The Game Awards/BioWare

Whether or not the Grey Wardens are set for a grand comeback remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the teaser image has likely got fans excited for the RPGs next chapter. It’ll also be interesting to see how the series’ pre-established lore factors into the game’s new setting, especially if Grey Wardens are a key part of the narrative. 

Hopefully, BioWare will share some more Dragon Age details between now and the game’s release in April 2022. With June’s E3 festivities on the horizon, we’ll likely see some sort of new trailer or announcement, which is sure to get Dragon Age fans even eager to traverse Thedas once again. 

dragon age 4
Credit: EA

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Featured Image Credit: EA