New Feature Will Make Earning Trophies On PS5 A Lot More Memorable

It has been revealed that the PS5 will immortalise the moment you earn Trophies by capturing recorded gameplay footage.

There is a feature of this kind on PlayStation 4 where it captures earned Trophies with a screenshot, which was a cool feature to begin with, but it’s about to get even better with next-gen!

Credit: Sony

However, if you’re like me you may have soon turned that feature off, as the curren-gen PS4 often takes a blurry screenshot rather than a perfect still image the moment the Trophy in question was earned.

Sure this new feature might soon grow old on the PlayStation 5, but it is quite cool that these moments will now be captured with actual gameplay footage. There’s going to be a lot more videos of PS5 Trophies shared across social media, that’s for sure!

Image of trophies on PS5
Credit: Sony

This feature was brought to our attention by Greg Miller from Kinda Funny when he earned his first PlayStation 5 Trophy after Sony recently sent him the next-gen console. Check out the video below!

YouTube video

Other than capturing the moment, this footage of you earning the Trophy might come in handy if you ever want to share how it’s done with a friend or on social media, as well as being able to relive that Platinum Trophy moment some year later.

The PlayStation 5 already has some cool features such as being able to have picture-in-picture with you being able to watch a video of how you might be able to pass a difficult moment in the game or to earn an elusive Trophy, all while being able to still play the game at the same time.

There’s even a nice little Easter Egg on the DualSense controller which at first glance looks like nothing more than bumpy rippled dots, but at very close inspection you can see that those dots are in-fact the Triangle, Square, Circle and Cross PlayStation icons.

ps5 image
Credit: Sony

The PlayStation 5 will release in North America and Australia on November 12th, then for the rest of the world on the 19th.

Are you excited to have your best Trophy moments instantly captured on video or will you just disable the feature?  React accordingly via our Emoji’s below.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony