New Leak Reveals More On ‘Fully Destructible Cities’ In Battlefield 6

Apparently, the destruction of buildings and cities in Battlefield 6 will blow your mind, that’s according to an alleged leaker on Reddit.

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Credit: EA/DICE

Reddit user FXFreax21 claims to be a special effects artist within the industry, and also claims to have seen the destruction physics expected to be used in Battlefield 6.

The alleged leaker, who apparently created a fake account on Reddit to avoid any potential NDA breaches, claims that the tech used for the city-wide destruction blew their mind.

FXFreax21 claimed on Reddit that they had attended an industry talk, and Battlefield developer DICE was in attendance to talk about the next-gen technology.

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Credit: EA/DICE

Apparently DICE showed off some footage to demonstrate the real-time destruction enabled by next-gen hardware for video games that use the Unreal 5 and Frostbite engines, the latter of which is used to power Battlefield.

They showed us some very brief footage,” wrote the leaker. “Similar to the tech demo shown at the EA show last summer. It featured a modern looking, glass front building toppling forward from a series of explosions on the ground floor. The building topples onto a truck parked in front and buries it in rubble, and for a real-time, interactive destruction sim it BLEW MY MIND.

However, the leaker did make it clear that the developer did not talk about Battlefield 6 directly. They do claim that DICE did state that this software tech was being used to power upcoming sandbox shooters in which destruction was a focus.

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Credit: EA/DICE

The leaker also went into further detail of the destruction mechanics that were being demonstrated:

It was mentioned that they had assisted in developing a ‘map’ where every building can be destroyed in real-time through user interaction,” claimed the leaker. “The FX Lead said that an explosion at the top of the building can create a domino effect, sending debris through the floors below if the explosion is sizable enough.

They also discussed the implantation of fluid and Pyro sims into these systems, stating that an explosion, fire, smoke and debris can realistically be blocked by surrounding walls and items (so imagine a smoke grenade in a room that only fills that room with smoke).

Credit: EA/DICE [via Tom Henderson]

This is not the first time that we’ve heard talk on the potential destruction physics of Battlefield 6. Reliable industry insider Tom Henderson also previously hinted at the next-gen mechanic.

However, these are just rumours at this stage. As always, hearsay must be taken with a pinch of salt.

That being said, what do you think about the alleged “fully destructible” cities in Battlefield 6? Let us know across our social media channels.

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