New LG TV Evolves From Flat To Curved Screen By Pressing Button

I’m more than happy with my budget 4K TV, but I’ve always dreamed of owning a curved TV and while that is yet to happen, I still dream of the day.  However, it seems that my hopes and dreams of owning such a TV have now evolved into something far more magical!

Why have a flat or curved 4K TV when you can have the best of both worlds?  What is this madness that you speak of? Surely this is just hocus pocus and witchcraft I hear you say!  Well, this is no mere illusion, because giant technology manufacture LG is making such a fantasy a reality with a 4K OLED TV concept that morphs a 65” TV from being flat to curved with a press of a button within just a few seconds.

This amazing TV was shown-off at CES 2020 this week and seeing is believing by watching the mesmerising video below, demonstrating the astonishing TV in action.  Of course with this being a concept, we have no idea as to when this TV will release, but you can pretty much guarantee that you have may have to sell more than just a liver or two to purchase this luxury.

What are your thoughts on this bendable 4K TV from LG?  Let us know your opinions across our social media channels.

YouTube video