This is mind-blowing.

Nintendo Switch Totally Dominated Console Sales in Japan During 2019

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, arguably the Nintendo’s best ever and with over 40 million worldwide sales (and counting), which includes 2 million sales of the Nintendo Switch Lite during the first 11 days of it launching, the numbers certainly helps back-up such claims.

However, it’s the sale numbers in the Land of the Rising Sun that are the most impressive and just shows how much consoles have been dominated in Japan by the Nintendo Switch system.  The statistics were shared on Twitter by Oscar Lemaire (and translated by DualShockers) and they reveal that 76% of console sales in Japan are from the Nintendo Switch.

According to the figures, sales are up by 29% from 2018 with nearly 4.5 million units sold in 2019.  In total, over 11 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold in Japan to date, however, it’s not the only Nintendo console that has been getting some well-earned love, because the 3DS also sold over 190k units in 2019, which isn’t to bad considering this handheld released nearly 9 years ago, but sales were still down by 66% in comparison to 2018.


Compared to Nintendo’s rivals, the PS4 was the second highest system in Japan selling just over 1 million units, which is down by 29%, Sony’s other system, the neglected PS Vita sold only 37.6k units, while the lonely Xbox One sold a measly 8.3k units in 2019. 

These comparative figures really do show how dominating the Nintendo Switch is in Japan and with the rumoured Nintendo Switch Pro expected to release this year, these numbers will only likely increase.