New Livestreaming Platform Takes On Twitch – And It’s Backed By PewDiePie

PewDiePie has partnered with new livestreaming service, DLive, and it could spell bad news for Twitch.

In his most recent (sponsored) video, PewDiePie discusses the benefits of DLive over other streaming platforms, and says it’s now the only place he’ll livestream from. His streams will be kicking off April 14 where he’ll take a leaf out of MrBeast’s book and donate money to other content creators.

Credit: Instagram/pewdiepie

“I am PewDiePie. This is my official channel on DLive,” says PDP’s DLive page. “Join #SupportCreators campaign with me now at I will start live streaming exclusively on DLive on April 14th. In my first stream, I will support creators by donating up to $50,000 to a max of 100 creators. Follow any creator on DLive to increase the donation amount!”

DLive promises to take zero cuts from its content creators and vows to put creators first.

On its website, founder and CEO of DLive, Charles Wayn writes: “Most of us started creating or watching content on YouTube or Twitch. As content creators, we work hard to entertain and bring our ideas to life. We’ve contributed for years and witnessed traditional platforms grow from their infancies into billion-dollar companies. However, what have we received in return? Higher monetization bars, unfair content promotion, and fewer earnings because of increased platform fees.

“The mission of DLive is to create a value sharing live streaming platform that empowers creators and viewers through a revolutionary rewards system.

Credit: DLive

“At DLive, we are changing the whole game by putting platform ownership in the hands of the users through blockchain technology. The users of DLive are the ones that are rewarded for their contributions as the platform grows.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a content creator or viewer, your contributions are valued. Unlike traditional platforms, DLive takes absolutely zero platform cuts from users’ donations and subscriptions. Instead, the economic system has been designed to revolutionize revenue distribution by rewarding the community for their contributions rather than a corporation.”

Credit: Twitch

Over on Pewds’ video, fans are curious as to how DLive will compete with Twitch.

One user writes: “We need for Twitch and YouTube to not have the monopoly. Hopefully Dlive can do something..”

Another commented: “dlive is gonna beat twitch just for sponsoring pewdiepie.”

Check out the sponsored video below.

YouTube video

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not DLive will be able to tackle streaming giant Twitch. Being backed by Pewds will definitely help…





Featured Image Credit: DLive