New Patent From Sony Shows ‘Cartridges For The PlayStation 5’

A blast from the past, but it probably doesn’t mean what you think it does.

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Credit: Sony

A patent from Sony has surfaced online and it seems to suggest that the upcoming PlayStation 5 might make use of some old-school tech in the form of game cartridges.

Of course there are still companies that prefer to sell their games on cartridges as opposed to discs, but if it weren’t for the Nintendo Switch then these things would be all but extinct at this point.

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Credit: Sony

Interestingly we might be seeing more gaming giants utilise the humble cartridge, or we might if the recently-spotted Sony patent is to be believed.

The patent was spotted on a Brazilian legal website by LetsGoDigital, which shows off a cartridge design by Yujin Morisawa, Senior Art Director at the Corporate Design Center of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

What the cartridge will be used for remains to be seen, but there’s one key thing to remember here: just because there’s a patent, it doesn’t mean it’s ever going to be a real product.


Earlier this year, Let’s Go Digital also uncovered a patent from tech giant Razer, who was seemingly looking to break into the handheld console market.

Credit: Razer

In a statement to the publication, Razer said: “As one of the world’s most forward-looking companies, Razer regularly applies for new patents for innovative concepts and designs. 

“With more than 3,000 applications, Razer recently won prizes from the World Intellectual Property Organization for its innovations. At the start of 2013 we invented the first gaming tablet with removable controllers – the Razer Edge – years before devices like the Nintendo Switch were launched. Our patents may or may not be marketed and we do not comment on unannounced products.”

Credit: Sony

While it seems unlikely that Sony will make use of classic-style PlayStation 5 cartridges, it’s interesting to see the company file for this type of patent, especially with the focus of the PS5 seemingly being cloud gaming.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony

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