New Rumour Claims Red Dead Redemption Remake Is Happening

A remake of Red Dead Redemption is something fans have been clamouring for since the current generation of consoles first launched, and now a new rumour claim it could be happening.

Credit: Rockstar Games

As always with leaks and rumours, take this one with a pinch of salt – especially as this unverified rumours comes courtesy of 4Chan [via TheGamer]. With that being said, let’s get into it.

The leak claims that a Red Dead Redemption remake will be announced at some point in 2020. Considering that the 10th anniversary of RDR has just been and gone, I don’t know how much faith I’d place in this claim. Surely that would have been the perfect time for a remake announcement (though with a global pandemic on, that could have changed plans).

Credit: Rockstar Games

The thread also goes on to say that the remake will be created using the Red Dead Redemption 2 engine, and is scheduled to launch on Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 and PC. Additional lines will be recorded for the character of John Marston, suggesting we might be getting new content.

It’s added that the game might include other new content, and may be revealed soon.

Credit: Rockstar Games

There’s no way to verify the supposed leak right now, but let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a remake of RDR? Last year a fan-made Red Dead Redemption remaster was pulled from the internet over copyright issues. Before it was taken down, the project saw a lot of interest from players, showing a RDR remake is truly what we all want right now.

Rockstar Games is definitely sitting on a cash cow here, so it would be a smart move to create an official remake!

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games