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New Saints Row Reboot Video Shows Off Character Customisation

The Saints Row reboot has revealed how its character customisation works, and it looks pretty extensive.

While it was meant to release in February, the Saints Row reboot is finally out this coming August. And now, developer Deep Silver Volition has shown off its character customisation in a recent showcase.

Unsurprisingly, there are a huge range of clothing options, with a number of items customisable themselves. Change your sock colour, your headwear, make your shirt ugly as hell, it’s all there. Hair options look pretty comprehensive too, with a number of styles, and lots of colour options. How your skin looks is massively customisable too: make yourself glossy, metallic, or cover yourself in scars.

YouTube video

There’s asymmetrical face customisation too, meaning you can present some pretty unique makeup options. And your body is very customisable too, letting you skinny, fat, muscley, tall, or small. There are even prosthetic limb options. As well as nipple scenes for all body types, which can just be pixelated, or you can choose from a variety of stickers. 

It’s not just how you look that you can change: there’s vehicle customisation too. You can change the paint, a number of parts, wheels. The works, essentially. You can even make your car look like a pirate ship. And on top of all that, guns have customisable parts too, from colours, to textures. Except that still isn’t it, as you can choose how your base of operations looks, with a big number of decorations to choose from. 

The Saints Row reboot launches on Xbox One, Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC on August 23. You can pre-order Saints Row from £42.95 at the GameByte Shop.


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Featured Image Credit: Volition