New Xbox Console Images And Release Date Leaked

Microsoft hasn’t kept its new Xbox One S a secret. We’ve known for a pretty long time now that the company has been working on a disc-less streaming-only console, and we’ve been expecting a release date of spring 2019.

Although the release window was a rumour, it looks as though there might be some truth to it, as a second source has come forward.

Credit: Microsoft

Infamous video games leaker Wario64 took to Twitter to share a supposed leaked image of the new Xbox One S, along with an apparent price tag and release date.

According to Wario64, the console will retail for €229.99 EU (approximately $260 USD), and will launch in Europe, May 7 2019.

Check out more details over at WinFuture.

The date seems to correspond with previous reports, which stated the console had a “tentative” release date of May 7.

Credit: Microsoft

Last month WindowsCentral said it had received product photographs of the new Xbox, which previously went under the development name “Maverick.”

It’s official name is now said to be the ‘Xbox One S All-Digital edition,’ something which can be seen in the tweet above, and if you’re a Microsoft fan who hates the clutter of discs, this might be the one for you.

Whether the leaks are true or not, we’re less than a month away from May 7, so we won’t have long to wait.

The disc-less Xbox comes hot off the reveal of Google’s streaming service, Stadia.

Credit: Google

It looks like streaming is going to become the future of gaming, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the console market. Right now we’re believed to be on the cusp of the next-generation of consoles. Will they be the last consoles we get?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft