This Insanely Cool Portal-Inspired Gun Armour Is Up For Sale

Have you ever wanted to own your own Portal gun? Of course you have, but unfortunately it’s not a real thing. However, you can definitely look the part thanks to this unbelievably awesome Portal gun-inspired armour.

An Etsy seller by the name of BionicConcepts is currently offering up the armour, which is a lovingly recreated and pretty darn accurate piece inspired by the Portal favourite.

Credit: Etsy/BionicConcepts

Made from a combination of ABS, PVC, aluminum and LEDs, this replica armour is guaranteed to up your cosplay game.

BionicConcepts describes the item as an “Iron Man-style Portal Gun gauntlet with orange and blue LED lighting.”

The “sleek, futuristic, and durable design” is available in one size (due to size and positioning) and includes unbelievable design features.

Credit: Etsy/BionicConcepts

BionicConcepts writes of the Portal-inspired piece: “[It’s] hard to make out in the pictures but the center chamber features a mirrored inner surface that creates the illusion that the chamber extends into your arm.

“Takes 4 AA batteries, recessed toggle switch near the elbow turns lights on and off and selects between blue and orange lights. Made from ABS, PVC and aluminum.”

The page also adds that construction time is one to three weeks, but hey, perfection takes time!

Credit: Etsy/BionicConcepts

As you’d expect, a beauty like this doesn’t come cheap. The armour is selling (before postage costs) for £471.84 GBP, or around $619 USD.

Find out more and order one for yourself from BionicConcepts’ Etsy store, right here.

The piece is one of many amazing and jaw-droppingly-cool creations from the seller (who also happens to take custom order requests).

Other pieces of interest from the seller include Powered Mechanical Angel Wings, Batman Gauntlets, this Lithium Polymer Pokemon Ball (with LEDs!) and this Cyborg Laser Eye Scope.

We’ll take one of each, please.

Featured Image Credit: Etsy/BionicConcepts