Next Prince Of Persia Will Be ‘Timed PS5 Exclusive,’ Claims New Leak

Another Prince of Persia leak has hit the internet, this time claiming that the (unannounced) upcoming game will be headed for the PS5. Earlier this month a number of people took to Reddit with unverified leaks about the future of the franchise, claiming that a reveal of a brand-new game is due in the coming weeks.

Now a new leaker has taken to Reddit with some more claims about the supposed game, writing that although it’s set to be revealed soon, there is some incorrect information floating around about the game.

As always with internet leaks and rumours, take the following with a pinch of salt.

Credit: Ubisoft

A Redditor by the name of TomorrowSubtle (which appears to be a throwaway account) took to the game leaks subreddit to say that the previously leaked PoP title is incorrect, before offering up more info.

“A new Prince of Persia is in development at Ubisoft MontrĂ©al and it’s not called Dark Babylon like some recent ‘leaks’ have said, just Prince of Persia,” writes the mysterious user.

“It will be a reboot of the series and a PS5 timed exclusive. Last I heard, it was set to be announced at E3 2020 and released as a launch title in November but with Sony changing plans it might get announced at one of their events.”

Credit: Ubisoft

The user then went on to claim that there could be a remastered version of the Sands of Time Trilogy launching alongside the new game for free as part of a Season Pass.

“[Actor] Yuri Lowenthal is reprising his role as the Prince. The wall run system has been revamped and greatly improved. Some puzzles and stages will feature a mix of horizontal and vertical wall run gameplay. There will also be a few familiar faces making special appearences [sic].”

Credit: Sony

The post has been met with a lot of criticism on Reddit, especially concerning the game’s supposed exclusivity.

One user commented: “This feels very fake purely due to the fact Ubisoft don’t do exclusives unless it’s a owned IP. Only example I can think of is Mario V Rabbids.”

The OP responded to this comment saying simply: “The IP is owned by Jordan Mechner not by Ubisoft. It’s up to him.”

They later went on to add that they believe the game will be a PS5 exclusive for “1 year. Will come to Xbox Series X and PC later.”

Credit: Ubisoft

The problem with Reddit theories is that it’s incredibly easy to make a throwaway account and post whatever you like, especially on a leaks thread.

That being said, we’ve heard a lot about a potential revisit to the PoP franchise, and the fan desire is clearly there. We’ll have to wait for official word from Ubisoft before we start getting excited.

Check out the post in full right here.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft