Ninja Reacts To Steve Harvey’s Claim That He Makes $1.5m A Month

Before Tyler Blevins made it big as the one and only Ninja, he once appeared on a little show you might have heard of called Family Feud.

The baby-faced star-to-be brought the fun to the classic show, and presenter Steve Harvey hasn’t forgotten the humble beginnings of Ninja.

Credit: Instagram/Ninja

Harvey recently brought Ninja up during a stand-up set, and Ninja of course watched the clip on stream for his millions of fans.

Harvey joked about the time he nearly called Blevins ‘Tyler the Ninja,’ saying [via Dexerto]: “I was introducing this – um – dude from – um uh uh – Fortnite star,

“And then, when I was reading it, the teleprompter glitched right quick and I said ‘Please welcome Tyler the N-.'”

Credit: Epic Games

It seemed as though not too many people in Harvey’s audience were familiar with the now-household name, so Harvey did a little explaining, focusing mainly on the viewers who donate their dollars to the Twitch superstar.

He told his audience that viewers will donate hundreds or thousands of dollars just to have their name appear on the stream and to get a shout-out from Ninja. It’s true, but trying to explain that to the generation before Twitch earned a shocked reaction from the crowd.

Credit: Twitch

Commenting on the ‘craziness’ of making a career out of playing video games, Harvey joked: “You know, he was on Family Feud a year ago and I asked him what he did.

“He said ‘I play video games’ and I said ‘Man, you need to a get a f*ckin’ job.'”

Harvey added: “The kid makes, and I found out that night, he makes 1 million, 1.5 million dollars a month.”

Credit: Instagram/ninja

Ninja, who seemed to find the comedian hilarious, corrected the claim in his stream, saying it was a bit of an exaggeration.

Check out the clip below!

If $1.5 million a month is a bit of an exaggeration, I don’t even want to know what the real figure is…

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